Affordable smart watch for elderly people.

applewatchJust thinking about the creation of a affordable smart watch (warning system) for elderly people.
One of the main ideas is to help advanced elderly people live at home longer.

When you get older the home becomes a danger place again. Walking becomes difficult and stairs become impassable.
The prevention of falls poses a challenge to carers and healthcare in general, but a falling cannot be prevented. There are a lot of stories about elderly people who have fallen and lay on the ground all night.

Of course there are tools such as fall detection and warning systems, but the majority of these tools are working only at home and/or are very expensive. But what if you fall in your garden or on the street beyond the reach of your warning system?

Wouldn’t be great to have a smart watch with some fall detection and a automatic warning system that sends the GPS coordinates and monitors vital health signs such as heartbeat, blood pressure, oximetry and body temperature?

I can almost create some app for the new Apple Watch but unfortunately i miss some (essential) functions and it is not allowed to use the private/core libraries.

I think it is a missed opportunity for Apple?


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