My mission in life is to change the traditional healthcare system with new (technology) innovative ideas and tools, you can think about the support of (mobile) apps and wearables to measurement and manage vital health functions at home, or to help elderly people live at home longer.

I’d like to talk with leaders about my great ideas that will change healthcare as we know it!

Infected with the Health 2.0 virus

On a Sunny day (May 2011), I walked through the corridors of my former employer the Radboud university medical center in the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
I was at that time working as a software engineer of the former Electronic Health Record system.

Waiting in a queue for the coffee machine, I met Lucien Engelen, A guy i never knew or met before.
We got talking and I told him about my passion for innovation, technology and the development of (iPhone) Apps.
I showed him some examples and soon afterwards I received an invitation to get acquainted in the luxurious villa (former headquarters of the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center)
From that day on I was infected with the health 2.0 virus, and became Lucien my inspiration and mentor.
A long period followed in which we shared a lot of ideas and knowledge, and where I experience great projects.

Now, more than 4 years later i’m still infected with the health 2.0 virus. So, I thought it was time for the next step: Realizing my own dreams and ambitions to create a better and affordable health care, For now and in the future!